CLUB NEWS: Coaching Structure for 2018/19!
Date of Event : Wed May 2, 2018 1:17PM



After the success of this season, where NDs finished 1st in the Spirit of Cricket, 3rd in the Club Championship and had 3 grades plus Green Shield make finals, the Club is delighted to announce our coaching personnel for next season: 

Tim McMahon (Head Coach): Tim will again oversee the coaching program for the Club and will concentrate much of his time on the batting needs. 


Ian Butler (Kiwi international) will be the perfect guy to assist our quicks!


Ben Davis will be both playing and coaching at NDs this coming season.


Steve Whitfield continues his role at NDs by spending quality time with our wealth of spinners.


Phil Melville will help out the younger quicks at practice. 


Tony Porter takes on the fitness and strengthening role.


Josh Miller and Tom Felton will coach the Green Shield side.


Tom Felton and Jerry Hook will handle the Green Shield Development Program.


Phil Melville and Jack Murphy will look after the Special Olympics Program.

Last updated: Tuesday May 8, 2018 3:11PM
Author: Steve Jones