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"The “to do” list prior to the day was a long one ... and the committee ploughed through that! ... But it was the spontaneous help from relatives of the committee and from certain players that made the day as successful as it was ... that‟s what gives you a great feeling, and that‟s what makes a great club.

People who, at no notice and at no request, just rolled up their sleeves and got stuck into it! ... Whether it be sausages, drinks, programs, supervising the gate, photography, balloons, marquees, kids‟ In2Cricket, canteen duties, preparing food, raffles, dashes to the shops, music, ceremony duties, looking after VIP‟s, cleaning up afterwards .... the list goes on.

I don‟t think anybody expected the pace at which things happened. It was a large crowd that needed servicing and the job was done magnificently. The “Tubby Packs” (a free sausage sandwich and a drink) were flying out the door, so much so that the last ones turned into “Ranatunga Packs” as the exhausted supply of sausages were replaced by Marsbars!

Many thanks to:
- Jerry Hook, Simon Trowell, Robyn Sanday, Graham Gorrie, Bobby Johnston, Jim Barrett, Anne Barrett, Mitsie Crawford, Chris Elder, Sam and Kathy Tulk, Jeanette Johnston, Harry Langford, Mark Lowe, Peter Penprase, Steve Jones, Nick Berman, Phil Melville, Clinton Witt, Hamish Russell, Lisa Langford, Noel Moig, Craig Hambleton, Dave Turik, David Lowe, Geoff Howden, Grace Langford, Steph Robertson, Ben Langford, Gary Kerr, Brian Crawford, Tim McMahon, Clayton Waters, Nathan Tilbury, Bruce Wood, Gavin Dingley and to all those who prepared, cooked or brought food along for the masses.


I‟m sorry if I missed anyone!

Thank you also to Steve Taylor (Total Construction) and Abbas Aly (Triforce) for their generosity and support."

There is one name missing and it would be totally remiss not to thank President Mike Langford, whose enormous drive in organising the event and then the great success of the day, owes much to Mike......The NDCC Committee.


Mike Langford said: "Judging by the wonderful feedback, the day was a huge success ... The ND‟s Legends have been kind in their appraisals of the day ... as Neil Marks said, “That‟s what happens when you serve free grog and food! I'll pick a few examples from tens of responses ... 1 from a Sponsor, 1 from opposition, several from a past players and 1 from Council ...."


"I attended the official renaming of Waitara Oval to Mark Taylor Oval yesterday. It was a magnificent day that the club should be very proud of. As a major sponsor of the club I am very proud to have had my Company‟s name associated with the day.

What was most pleasing was the number of kids in attendance and the way they were treated to a great day, This can only benefit the future of the club. I really see my support of the club to be towards the kids of the area and not just wasted money, which is really what I was looking for in my sponsorship. In my playing days, the club showed me great support, and I am pleased to be able to show the same support and respect.

Again congratulations on a wonderful day and the success of the day will go a long way towards the long term success of the club!!
Go NDs!!!!"


“On behalf of Blacktown Grade Cricket Club I would like to congratulate Northern District on the success of the day on Sunday 6th November.

Our players and their families thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and it was clear that the „legends‟ and their families provided a highlight for the Club. It was a sparkling showcase of the Oval and a great community event.

I would also like to thank you for the mention during festivities and to personally congratulate Mark on his achievement.”


“We had a great day at the Mark Taylor opening. Could you thank Mark Lowe for ushering my wife, daughter myself and Bob Mansfield to the Legends Tent, as well as serving drinks upon our arrival. The club‟s organisation of the day was outstanding and a credit to your hard working committee and helpers. I caught up with a whole heap of players from my playing days through to my coaching days in the latter 80‟s. A job well done!”

“A pleasure mate and you should feel proud about what the day delivered. Great to be part of it. Good luck for the rest of the season.”

“Just a great day! Legends day is now in my diary!”

“Had a great day Mike! Congratulations it was a fantastic day for the club and reinforced how good it is to be part of it.”

“Firstly, congrats on a fantastic day yesterday - what a great club day, 2 wins, crowd, the speeches, the opening, rubbing shoulders with past legends... I know from the bottom of a few empty beer bottles that I had a ball. The club is going from strength to strength and all looks good for the future.
The talent in both first grade and the PGs teams is great - they have an outfit that looks like they could win the comp if they put their minds to it.”


"It was a great day indeed.


I heard nothing but good comments, a very well run event, the dedication of the grounds keeper, even a visitor from Melbourne commented of the quality of the grounds, "better than those in Melbourne".

Would like to thank you for allowing me to be part of the official party, for sitting next to Nick and for recognition of the small part of helping this day to happen.

Please thank all those who worked to making the day memorable for many people, especially Mark and his parents.

This is one event I will remember for all time.

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