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Indoor Cricket Centre
Terms & Conditions of Use

1.Use of liquor, cigarettes, drugs or any other intoxicant is forbidden in the Indoor Centre. 

2.Correct specific sports training gear is to be worn.

3.Footwear should be checked to ensure all shoes are non-mark soles. Spikes on footwear is strictly prohibited.

4. No food is to be consumed in the Indoor Centre.

5. Drinks can be consumed but users are to take all containers with them when finished.

6. Storage of any personal cricket equipment 

and bags must be placed in designated areas.

7.Inappropriate behaviour and bad language will not be tolerated.  

8. Safety will not be compromised.

9.Patrons not involved in training activities have no reason to be in the area.

10.Please note all bookings are expected to start and finish at the prescribed time (This includes equipment set ups, warm-downs and team talks). The Indoor Centre does not take any responsibility for delays at the beginning of user’s scheduled times. 

11. Users will be charged an additional fee for any additional use, which runs over the agreed time. The user provides supervision, and the user takes direct responsibility for the behaviour and actions of their group. 

12.Users must not enter the indoor cricket net area until their previously booked commencement time.

13. Lane changeover period: Please note that your first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes of your booking is used as a lane changeover period. Please be ready to exit the indoor centre lanes 5 minutes before the end of your hire period.

14. All users must promptly vacate their lane at the conclusion of their booked time.

15.Bowling Machines are not to be operated until induction training has been completed.

16.Unsafe behaviour or actions may result in the User or Users being ask to leave, if deemed of significant and reasonable danger to others.

17. No chewing gum permitted in the Centre.

18. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times as it is not the centre’s or management's responsibility to do this. This also includes children not HANGING, BOUNCING OR CLIMBING on netting or throwing balls around the centre. 



19. Indoor Sports Centre and its Management accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained by any player, or their guests, whilst in the centre. 

20. Players accept that all sports carry a risk of injury. All persons participating at the centre do so at their own risk and must consider their own circumstances before participating.  We will call an ambulance if the player who has hurt themselves requires it or provide first aid to any injury that we can safely do at the centre. 

21. EVACUATION – FIRE, BOMB OR OTHER CONTINUAL RINGING of the bells and/or interrupted short beeps and/or sirens will indicate a need to evacuate the building. Evacuate is defined here as “to empty the buildings of persons.” 

22. The Supervisor of the group is responsible for removing the group, while centre staff will direct all patrons. 

23. DO NOT shut windows, stack chairs or lock doors. 

24. Leave belongings. 

25. Leave in an orderly fashion by the nearest door. “EXIT” signs are displayed to aid persons leaving the building.

26. Move in a controlled manner towards the designated EXIT point. 

27. After evacuation all persons not otherwise directed by the centre staff member will move to and assemble in forms on the oval. In moving towards the oval, persons are asked to keep moving so that stationary persons do not block exits. 

28. Once evacuation has taken place, persons must not re-enter or walk under buildings to reach the oval. NOTE – EVACUATION OF BUILDINGS IS A PRIORITY. THEN COMES ACCOUNTING FOR ALL PERSONNEL.  

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